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The most important task at this time of year is to prepare your lawn for the hot season ahead. This year we are continuing to offer Coring/Aerating, along with applications of a wetting agent/moisture retainer. Wetting agents/moisture retainers increase the penetration of water into your soil profile, and retain moisture held in the root zone. When applied in conjunction with Coring/Aerating, they are even more effective as they are more easily absorbed into the root zone where they can do all their good work. This will greatly improve your lawn’s performance over the summer months and go a long way to improving year-round performance.

These services are available in the following packages:

The Lawn Reviver package consists of two options:

Option 1 – Coring/aerating your lawn with one application of wetting agent/moisture retainer on completion (includes fertiliser).
Option 2 – As for Option 1, but with a second application of wetting agent/moisture retainer 8-10 weeks later.

The Drought-Buster package consists of two options:

Option 1 – Single application of wetting agent/moisture retainer.
Option 2 – Two applications of wetting agent/moisture retainer 8-10 weeks apart.
Applications of slow-release liquid fertiliser are available with both options 1 and 2.

Late-season Weed Control and Foreign Grass Removal

If you missed having your weeds sprayed during Winter, we continue to offer late-season weed control. This includes removal of Wintergrass and broadleaf weeds, and removal of foreign grasses such as Crabgrass, Nutgrass and wild oats. We also offer couch and kikuyu eradication from garden beds.

Slow Growth Regulation – NEW PRODUCT!!

See our blog for details regarding this exciting new product.

In addition we offer services such as lawn repairs, new lawn installations and top-dressing. Prices for these are available on application.


We also offer an annual Lawncare Programs.   This is a complete management plan (excluding cutting) and includes all weed spraying, problem grass removal, fertilisation, wetting agents, and watering system checks and repairs. The added benefit is having your lawncare tasks programmed and carried out at the correct time of year.
If you would like a costed proposal for this service please tick the box below.

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Please book me in for Summer 2018/19 lawncare services as below:
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Lawn Reviver package coring/aerating plus wetting agent/moisture retainer
 Lawn Reviver Option 1 - $195/1st 100m² + thereafter $145/100m² + GST
 Lawn Reviver Option 2 - As for Option 1 for 1st visit. 2nd application $110/1st 100m² + thereafter $50/100m² + GST
Drought buster package wetting agent/moisture retainer
 Drought Buster Option 1 - $115/1st 100m² thereafter $50/100m² + GST
 Drought Buster Option 2 - 2 x $110/1st 100m² thereafter $50/100m² + GST
 Add Fertiliser (Premium slow release liquid fertiliser) - $50/100m² plus + GST

Other services
 Late season weed control - $115/1st 100m² + thereafter $50/100m² + GST
 Foreign grass removal - $115/1st 100m² + thereafter $50/100m² + GST
 Please also provide a costed proposal for an annual program service

Slow Growth Regulation
 1 x SGR Application - $115 for 1st 100m² + thereafter $50/100m² + GST
 2 x SGR Applications - $110 for 1st 100m² + thereafter $40/100m² + GST
 3 x SGR Applications - $105 for 1st 100m² + thereafter $30/100m² + GST

 Add Fertiliser (Premium slow release liquid fertiliser) - $45/100m² plus + GST


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  • Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Servicing local government, public open space, schools, and sport and recreation facilities.
  • Domestic spraying

    Domestic spraying

    Servicing domestic and small commercial lawns.
  • Coring / Aerating

    Coring / Aerating

    Rejuvenate your lawn.
  • Installation


    Lawn repairs and installation of new lawns.
  • Reticulation


    Irrigation system checks and maintenance.