Top Dressing

Top Dressing

Top dressing is an underestimated renovation process, often overlooked or misunderstood in terms of its importance.

Top dressing provides a growth and recovery media to assist new shoots to fire away into previously bare areas. This provides lateral spread and recovery in worn high traffic areas.

At The Lawncare Man we understand the importance of matching sand profiles to individual sites to avoid layering and infiltration inconsistencies. 

We understand the time of year most practical and the depths required to achieve a result.

Often a prospective client will expect that top dressing will fix/fill deep holes, pockets and swales in their lawn surface. We cannot apply a top dressing at a depth of any more than 15-20mm maximum.  The top dressed lawn leaf surface has got to be able to penetrate the top dressing sand within the week. The lack of light/photosynthetic activity for any longer than 5-7 days will result in a bigger problem than you started with.

You need at least 2 weeks of little or no traffic in a newly top dressed surface. Foot traffic will disturb the carefully finished surface creating new high and low sections, also acting like sandpaper and actually rubbing away new shoots and recovery points.

Top Dressing Lawn