Weed control


We can help you with all your weed spraying in Perth.

Weeds grow quickly and invade lawns at seasonal times when climatic conditions are favourable.

We treat areas ranging from 10-100,00sqm in a single visit using purpose-built equipment which applies precise dosages on target without overspray or drift.

Most products are applied to the leaf with water-proofers and surfactants to ensure adhesion to the leaf with no run-off through water courses or into the soil rootzone where leaching can be a problem.

All products are superior commercial-grade technology products which are not readily available to the general public.

We offer both “Pre” and “Post” Emergent options to treat the following common weeds:

Broadleaf Weeds including Bindii Prickle, Clovers, Dandelions, Creeping Oxalis, Capeweed, Cudweed

We apply a Post-Emergent spray on the weeds once they are up and horribly noticeable on your lawn. This is the standard industry practise of spraying out the troublesome and unsightly non grass weeds after they germinate each Winter/Spring. Left untreated they can ruin the appearance and choke out your lawn, depriving your lawn of light and nutrients. Untreated Bindii results in the nasty prickle underfoot.

Grass Weeds including Crabgrass and Wintergrass

We apply a Pre-Emergent spray to eliminate the vigorous competition and very untidy appearance of these weeds, products are applied at the right time to prevent them germinating at all.

Nutgrass (also known as Mullumbimby Couch) Control

To eliminate Nutgrass the strategy has been to match persistence of the weed with repeated treatments in Spring and Summer, often for some years.  Nutgrass compromises the appearance of lawns, but most people have ducked the problem in the past as the cost of repeated special purpose visits to control it is high. Advances in product and treatment technology now see Nutgrass as a successfully treated sedge style weed.  However, treatment timing and application are of utmost importance. Post-Emergent spraying is the most effective with two applications.