Targeted treatment of Trace Element deficiencies

Targeted treatment of Trace Element deficiencies

We all understand the importance of the blend of a quality NPK fertiliser applied regularly throughout your lawn areas.

Yes, it can be described in quite a scientific manner but in general terms – The NPK blends contain the important Nitrogen (N) that provides both growth and that sought after deep green colour.  Phosphorous (P) stimulates the bacterial relationship between your soil and your grass roots, also helping your lawn bounce back quickly after a mow. Potassium (K) aids root strength and helps your roots absorb irrigated water and moisture from the soil giving that hot weather durability we are all after.

But what about the rest?

The not so well-known nutrients? The Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. How do they fit in? Do I need to add these before laying a new lawn? If on an established lawn how do I measure the lawns need for these? Then there’s the Trace Elements, the Iron, Manganese, Zinc and many others. The chances are if you are adding a quality NPK fertiliser you are having a degree of success, but does it still lack something?

Our experienced and qualified Lawn Technicians can in most cases diagnose these deficiencies on site.  

For the more challenging situations, our soil and leaf tissue testing service can take all the guess work out of it. We will then design a strategic plan to address the issue and prevent it from recurring.