Rejuvenating your lawn after a long, hot, dry summer, and preventing the onset of Wintergrass is important to keep your lawn in the best possible condition. To help you achieve this, we offer the following services.

  1. pre-emergent Wintergrass control applied with a wetting agent
  2. the option to add trace elements incorporated in our premium slow-release fertiliser
  3. coring/aerating including wetting agent
  4. grass weeds in garden beds

Wintergrass attacks most lawns every season, then dies out in late Spring/early Summer leaving sparse patches where it has invaded the lawn. A once-per-year pre-emergent herbicide to eliminate your Wintergrass is available. It requires little watering in and has consistently long residual control. The key is, your lawn MUST be sprayed BEFORE you notice Wintergrass germinating. Ideally, this will be March and April, so you need to book this service now if you have previously had Wintergrass infestations.

For bookings from Mid-May to Mid-July (in germination period) we offer 2 x applications 6 weeks apart to provide 12 weeks cover.

Industry best practice in WA is to apply wetting agents during Summer and Autumn, to correct water repellence of turf and soil. Wetting agents applied during Spring and early Summer are now exhausted. Applying them again now, allows reticulation to re-penetrate and hydrate the lawn for many weeks into Autumn, preventing irrigation and rainfall pooling on the surface. Wetting agents are applied free-of-charge, with every application of Wintergrass pre-emergent herbicide.

Prior to winter is the most important feeding of the year. This year we will be blending trace elements with a proven slow-release fertiliser to give lawn grass a sustained feed and help it keep condition when it is weakest.

Helps revive your lawn after a long hot, dry summer. There is still 6-8 weeks of peak growth left in your lawn. Coring/aerating will vastly improve any dry or worn patches by penetrating the dry, repellent surface and improving water, fertiliser and wetting agent uptake into the rootzone, where it is most needed. This service includes wetting agent and fertiliser.

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