The growth of Summer dominant lawns such as Couch and Buffalo slows down during winter, and they are often invaded by weeds during this time. To help keep your lawn in the best possible condition during these cooler months we offer the following services including BROADLEAF WEED CONTROL.

Broadleaf Weeds is the term used to describe all annual and perennial non-grass weeds including Bindii (which sets a nasty prickle unless sprayed early before seed set), as well as Clover, Capeweed, Cudweed, Flat Weed and Creeping Oxalis. Broadleaf Weeds spoil lawn appearance and will cause long term damage unless kept under regular control. This involves spraying each year.

We spray the best available products on Broadleaf Weeds to ensure the best results for your lawn. While they take longer to completely kill some larger weeds (20-25 days), they give excellent results on all Broadleaf Weeds. They also give top results under all conditions, even if rain or mowing occurs soon after spraying. They also have a residual control period for prevention of yet-to-germinate weeds.

We guarantee complete control of all Broadleaf Weeds. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, a free return visit will be booked to respray where necessary, provided you call between 4-6 weeks after treatment and your account is paid in full.

We strongly recommend cool season foliar fertilising with a range of proven liquid products which give more even, sustained cool season feeding than other fertilisers. These add to overall greenness, and provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs during the cooler months. The nutrients are immediately absorbed through the grass leaves and stored by the plant until required.

If you did not take up our Pre-Emergent spray for Wintergrass (March – April), you may be seeing germination now, which will damage your lawn. If so, post-emergent control now is a good option.  You will require two sprays 6 weeks apart until the end of June or we can schedule one spray in September after full germination.

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