17 May

Winter Is Coming

The Lawncare Man

Wintergrass Pre-Emergent Control Just a quick reminder that the Pre-Emergent Wintergrass season is coming to an ...

03 May

Diy vs Licensed Contractor

The Lawncare Man

So, you’re after a solution with a particular lawn issue you have, or even anticipate having ...

winter grass
18 Mar

Triple Threat To Lawns

The Lawncare Man

Wintergrass, Cutworm activity, Dollar Spot fungal activity Getting towards the end of another long hot watering ...

21 Feb

Want a lawn like this all year round?

The Lawncare Man

Want a lawn like this all year round? This customer has been a Lawncare Man program ...

12 Feb

How much water?

The Lawncare Man

During the watering season, it is important to ensure the correct amount of water is being ...

26 Nov

EXCITING NEW PRODUCT!!!! Turf Growth Regulation (TGR)

The Lawncare Man

In these times of less and less spare time and a premium on waste, comes a ...

21 Jun

Don’t let your weeds overtake your lawn

The Lawncare Man

Don't let your weeds overtake your lawn this Winter!! Winter rains and cold nights are here, ...

12 Jan

Get the best looking lawn in the street!

The Lawncare Man

Want to have the best looking lawn on the street? The Lawncare Man specialises in providing ...

18 Dec

New Lawn Installations

The Lawncare Man

One of our key services is installing new lawns. This involves removing old turf, adding soil ...

11 Mar

Growing In A New Lawn

The Lawncare Man

There is often disappointment when, a few weeks after having a new lawn installed, it no ...

28 Oct

Coring and verti-cutting – the differences and benefits explained

The Lawncare Man

Coring and verti-cutting are two very important practices when it comes to renovating and maintaining the ...

28 Aug

The advantages of slow-release fertilisers – and the disadvantages of nitrogen-rich, low-quality granular products

The Lawncare Man

Growing a lawn is a relatively simple process but boy, can things go wrong.People face many ...

02 Mar


The Lawncare Man

We are now in the middle of what has been a very active season for cutworm ...

18 Jul

Broadleaf weed control

The Lawncare Man

Now is the time to start the yearly battle against the Broadleaf weeds that appear in ...

11 May

What did African Black Beetle ever do to anyone anyway?

The Lawncare Man

“Can you spray the African Black Beetle out of my lawn?”If I have heard it once ...

22 Jun

Wintergrass control

The Lawncare Man

Wintergrass is a significant weed problem in many areas, and control is essential for the following ...

03 Jun

Lawn Mowing Tips

The Lawncare Man

Lawns that are properly cut are healthier and more attractive. A properly mowed lawn is thicker ...