Winter Is Coming

Wintergrass Pre-Emergent Control

Just a quick reminder that the Pre-Emergent Wintergrass season is coming to an end.  However, throughout June, July and August we can still adequately give you Pre and Post Emergent protection, but best timing for 100% effective spray application is purely Pre-Emergent before mid-May. Post Emergent Wintergrass spraying comprises of 2 applications 6 weeks apart with a product consisting of both Pre-Emergent and some knockdown of the already germinated weeds.

Broadleaf Weed Control

We are entering the Broadleaf weed season (including the dreaded Bindii prickle). If you have not had a well timed spray application in the last two cool seasons, you are probably noticing early White Clover, Burr Medic and even some Flatweed and Creeping Oxalis.  Once you establish a yearly, well timed application, once per year will be sufficient, but if you have been sporadic (“oh I reckon it’s been a few years since spraying anything out there”) you will need two sprays initially.

To get back in control of winter weeds, you will require two applications of a quality Broadleaf weed herbicide.  Being applied by a qualified contractor via the use of quality equipment and using premium products (not readily available to the public).

Once per year Broadleaf spraying should be sufficient in the majority of cases. Need advice? Give us a call or contact us via the contact tab on our website.