“The level of service is absolutely outstanding, always find the people who come round to do the lawn to be polite, informed and good communication. Also the technology aspect is great. I really like the fact you can use Apple Pay, invoicing works really well and also the text notification. Keep up the great work!”
Shane B
“We hope to use the Lawncare Man for as long as we have lawn! Guy has been caring for our lawn for many years and is always cheerful and certainly knowledgeable about lawns and weeds. We value his professional service.”
City Beach
“Guy’s services have transformed the College’s lawns. He ticks all the important boxes – efficiency, reliability, price and, most importantly, effectiveness. I have absolute confidence in his ability to solve whatever problems we encounter with our turf areas with a minimum of fuss and at very reasonable prices. I’d recommend the Lawncare Man to anyone with turf problems. Save yourself a lot of drama – Give Guy a call.”
Tim White
Property Manager, Iona Presentation College
“After dealing with the Lawncare Man for approximately 6 years, I have found his knowledge and products to be very successful in the treatment of lawns and weeds.”
PJ Lawnmowing
Secret Harbour
“Many thanks for your regular attention to our lawn. The treatment and maintenance plan is great and makes it so simple to keep up a healthy lawn. Your ready advice and assistance when we have wanted to establish new areas of lawn or needed help has been greatly appreciated. Fantastic service! Thanks Guy!”
“I appreciate the service which targets maintaining a first-class lawn on an ongoing basis. I value the [Guy's] ability to recognise/diagnose a problem then taylor a treatment; and also delivering any extra requirement that may help.”
“I would like to thank The Lawncare Man, for your efforts this past summer. Our lawn stayed green through the summer without a lot of effort on our part, while in previous years and despite our best efforts and the application of off the shelf fertilisers and more water we could not achieve the same.”
"Love this service - super efficient, well organised with high quality results. They manage all aspects of lawncare e.g aerating, fertilising, weed control, making good results ongoing and very easy."
Joanne Visic
“Very happy we engaged with Guy and his team to manage our lawns. Been using them a year and very happy with advice, prompt service and willingness to educate.”
Megan Bye
“If you are like me and have no idea what a lawn needs and are wary of exposing your family to chemicals you do not know how to use, then you should consider Guy and his team. The regular maintenance service means the lawn is one thing I don’t have to think about. Very reliable and knowledgeable.”
Katherine Bromfield
“Definitely the go to guys for any lawn issues. No one else could help us but they identified the issue/s and after treatment our lawn was back on track and looking superb in no time! After that we decided to sign up for their stress-free, no-hassle maintenance program to ensure our lawn remained in optimal condition. Our neighbours tell us we have the best looking lawn in the street!”
Blythe Blumenfeld
“I’ve always found them to be reliable and professional.”
Peter Green
“My front lawn was in dire need of attention – firstly it was mainly a Kikuyu variety, it was extremely spongey, much build up of dead growth underneath with areas of brown non growth on top. Lack of water was not an issue so I contacted Guy Watson trading as The Lawncare Man. Guy recommended a vertimowing and complete levelling process be conducted which he carried out in April 2019. The after shock of basically a large brown dirt area was quite alarming, but exactly in line with Guy’s prediction, the new growth gradually started and within a month the new lawn was ready for its first mow. Guy then set my reel mower to its correct level and provided me with a future lawn maintenance program. I am now really enjoying mowing and caring for my new level, healthy lawn. The whole process and outcome has exceeded my expectations. I would through recommend Guy to anyone who is seeking a lawn to be proud of but needs expert advice as to how to achieve that outcome.”
Bill Vincent