Soil & Leaf Tissue Analysis & Amendment

Soil Analysis Perth

Soil and Leaf Tissue analysis and amendment

Occasionally, a lawn just doesn’t react to applied nutrients, herbicides, fungicides or even irrigation as we would expect. What’s going on in the leaf canopy? What’s going on in the soil profile? What’s lacking? What deficiencies in the grass leaf do we need to address? How do we best get to the source of those issues? Is there a build up of a nutrient in the soil causing a nutrient lock up?

Often we can diagnose the issues on the spot, we can see them with our own eyes and diagnose through our experience in the field, but when the issue is something the we just cannot detect we head for science to provide the answer.

All these queries and questions are best answered without a guess, even an educated one. We take the guess work out of it by soil analysis as well leaf tissue sampling and analysis. We stake the samples, post them to a lab specialising in turf solutions. They advise and supply an application schedule to address the current issue and prevent the issue from surfacing again.