What kind of lawn do we need?

It’s a question often asked of me.

My research has been well and truly done over the last 30 years and I am still learning and refining my skillset.

You, the recipient lawn owner need to do your research if you are choosing one yourself or alternatively if engaging a Landscaper, Lawn installation company you need to fully inform these people what it is you are hoping to get from a lawn. Get your questions ready and put your prospective contractor through their paces.

Will it be purely something you look at and enjoy the sight of from an alfresco with a cold drink on a weekend afternoon? Or will it be an active play space, expected to endure repetitive kids wear and play traffic. Have you got that big, energetic dog? Is the lawn space going to be large enough to even out dog/pet wear?

Do you love Trees and the shade/heat relief that a heavy shade cloak provides in the peak heat months? Do you understand that a dominant shade profile in the coolest Winter months can spell long term disaster for a warm season grass species.

Are you purely a fits and starts kind of every couple of weekends type of garden/lawn bloke? Or are you the type who finds an every Saturday cut with a shiny, flashy professional cylinder type mower kind of cathartic/therapeutic? Remember effort equals reward in the pursuit of lawn happiness. 2-3 hrs a weekend will bring results, not so much reward will be gained from an hour or two per month.

A qualified, experienced contractor will be able to outline the strengths and weaknesses of all available grass species, be assured your choices extend far beyond the well known couch and buffalo grass varieties. In some cases that contractor will be able to offer after sale/installation care and maintenance providing an agency for access to quality, environment aware products and apply them in a professional turf managers style.

So please remember, ask all the relevant questions and even some irrelevant ones.

Patience and vigilance when making initial choices will keep nasty surprises and disappointments to a bare minimum. Arm yourself with knowledge and get the lawn that you need.