Insect control Autumn 2021

Well late Summer and Autumn 2021 saw the most aggressive onset of our dreaded cutworm types I have known since 1991. Late season humidity and moisture saw incredible Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm activity. Rumours abound that we have another cutworm type called Fall Armyworm in the state.

Perhaps the most alarming trend in this lifecycle year was the varieties and situations in which we saw the activity. Yes, it was most active in those freshly planted, still establishing Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties, resulting in panic situations from both the client and the innocent landscaper. However, where in previous years the Couch and Kikuyu and Zoysia varieties have kind of dodged the infestation bullet, no luck this year, new and established couch lawns , tough as teak kikuyu grasses and even QLD Blue Couch grass all smashed to bits.

So us at the Lawncare Man had our work cut out keeping both the establishing lawns producing un-obstructed new leaves and ensuring the establishment phase was completed, and getting established lawns through the shock in some cases of their 1st infestation in 10-15 years.


This Spring sees the perfect time to head of all the above Cutworm varieties at the proverbial pass.


There is now a low toxicity (non scheduled – great for birds, pets and people) product available, why not neutralise the eggs before the grub stage starts and the chewing damage shows, give yourself and your lawn the year off.

Get your booking /enquiry in early and we will guarantee results, as the early birds who booked the product/service last year have indeed in this case not got the worm!