Pre Emergence – Best to win the race before it even starts

You know, I love a race, I love fairplay but I am telling you if I was in a race with the likes of Crabgrass, Summer Grass, African Black Beetle, Cutworm and Armyworm I wouldn’t think twice about starting at the 50 metre mark of a 100m sprint. Why give them a chance to catch you? Get over the line even before they can get a sprint up I reckon.

In days gone by our weed control and insect control strategies were fairy basic: wait for the issue to emerge (hope like crazy it doesn’t) and apply the treatment. Pretty satisfactory really, especially when there wasn’t much of an option to do otherwise. But my how things have changed.

In this case I am letting you know about two new options to nip the problem in the bud (well even before the bud forms in this case).

Crabgrass is beginning its germination beneath all those susceptible surfaces now, yes now, so get onto it. One of the great things is with the high-tech products pre-emergent performance comes low toxicity LD ratings. In this case Schedule 5 ratings and safety for the contractor and you the end user, receiver of the product application. We water in as part of the application process so the product begins its journey immediately and gets going on the day.

The same applies here for Pre-emergent insect larval control, lowest toxicity rating ever on an Insecticide, giving up to 6 months (entire active egg hatch, breeding period) Get that African Black Beetle cover from egg hatch, control and also head off the emergence of the dreaded Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworm in your Buffalo surfaces.

Book a service now! Get the timing right, give the product every chance to give you the result you and your lawn deserve.