How much water?

During the watering season, it is important to ensure the correct amount of water is being put on your lawn for optimum performance.

Your auto reticulation system is a wonderful time saving way to get your lawn watered at the optimal time of day throughout the hotter months.

But do you understand how much you are putting on in millimetres? The water needed in October as you re-activate your reticulation system will be vastly less than in peak Summer heat that requires 45-50mm per week.  We are aiming to keep the wet layer deep throughout the Summer months, we don’t want the wet layer to rise taking root growth and penetration depths up towards the surface with it.

We can’t just set the controller in Oct-Nov and leave it until Easter, we need to be more responsible with how much water is applied.

How much you need in this particular month?  The Lawncare Man can provide the answers to create a waterwise, responsible plan for the watering season.

Do you understand the evaporation rate and how it increases/decreases throughout the Spring/Summer/Autumn?

Do you understand how this changes the precipitation rate needed per month?

And finally, do you acknowledge the need for high quality, commercial grade wetting agents and moisture retainers to be applied in conjunction with the above information?

If not, don’t worry we can do it for you!!  We can come to your home, activate station by station, measure precipitation rates and infiltration rates of applied water and give you a month by month readout of the correct amount to apply per month.  We also offer a monthly visit to change run time settings for those who don’t really understand how to use the various parts of the setting menu.

We can gather the information needed and apply the latest in Turfgrass technology to achieve a consistently performing lawn surface throughout the hottest months of the year.

Call us today if you would like to know more!