All season weed control

Weeds grow quickly and invade lawns at seasonal times when climatic conditions are favourable. We treat areas ranging from 10—100,00sqm in a single visit using purpose-built equipment which applies precise dosages on target without overspray or drift. Most products are applied to the leaf with water-proofers and surfactants to ensure adhesion to the leaf with no run-off to the soil and root zone. All products are superior commercial-grade technology products which are not available to the general public.

Wetting agents

Water penetration can be greatly improved by applying soil-wetting agents in either liquid or granular form. It is essential to apply a high quality soil wetter every year prior to and during peak watering periods. We also recommend another application before winter to avoid rainfall run-off and erosion. We apply commercial-grade wetting agents not available to the general public, which can last for up to 3 months at a time.

Liquid fertilising

Fertilising helps promote a full cover of lawn leaves and helps reduce the germination and growth of winter weeds, providing a good lawn cover for winter.
We apply premium foliar fertilisers which avoid the problems of leaching and waste. The fertiliser is applied to the turf with a ‘hit and stick’ method to ensure it goes to the grass leaf (rather than the soil). From there it moves through the plant where it is stored until needed.

Granular fertilising

Using premium POLYMER coated formulations, our products are slow-release and will feed adequately for up to 3 months. We supply specific NPK formulations, timed to suit the demands of your turfgrass. These products promote year-round uniformity, eliminating growth spikes and ’scalping’ from excessive mowing.

NEW — Compost top dressing

Top dressing with compost or a blend of soil/compost/sand builds healthy soils and helps you grow healthy lawns. The compost or compost blend improves soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, and significantly increases the soil’s ability to retain water. It also breaks down thatch and neutralizes soil pH. We recommend a compost top dressing at least once a year, but heavily used lawns and nutrient-deficient soils may benefit from more regular applications.


Lawns become worn and compacted from constant wear and tear, particularly in high traffic areas such as near footpaths and front and back doors. Coring/aerating removes small plugs of soil from lawn areas, leaving small holes in the surface. This allows oxygen, warmth, light and nutrients into the rootzone, helping to rejuvenate compacted or waterlogged areas and enhance the appearance of the lawn.

Verti-mowing (dethatching)

Thick, spongy lawns (especially couch) respond to a spring ‘clean-up’ via vertimowing. Vertimowing cuts vertically into the grass and soil, and removes large amounts of thatch which accumulates as grass grows. Lawns initially appear brown after vertimowing but quickly green up and return with renewed colour and performance through Summer.

New lawn construction and repairs

Installation of new lawns and removal of old surfaces for relaying. We also remove smaller plots/blocks of worn lawn and replace (for example, under swing sets, around pool areas, pet tracks and shaded areas).

Reticulation maintenance

We offer irrigation system checks and maintenance including:
checking sprinkler and nozzle effectiveness;
checking sprinkler heights;
replacing filters;
clearing blocked micro-spray systems;
re-programming controllers;
solanoid valve repairs/replacements;
fixing design coverage problems and additional sprinkler instalment.


  • Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Servicing local government, public open space, schools, and sport and recreation facilities.
  • Domestic spraying

    Domestic spraying

    Servicing domestic and small commercial lawns.
  • Coring / Aerating

    Coring / Aerating

    Rejuvenate your lawn.
  • Installation


    Lawn repairs and installation of new lawns.
  • Reticulation


    Irrigation system checks and maintenance.