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The Lawncare Man was established in July 1993 and has operated under the management of the existing owners, Guy and Kim Watson, since 2004.

Guy has a Certificate of Turf Management, and has many years experience in the turf industry including working at Christchurch Grammar School, Trinity College and Turfmaster prior to taking over The Lawncare Man.

Our focus is on providing superior levels of service along with practical and technical advice to ensure you have a consistently healthy lawn year-round. We use superior turf industry products that are unavailable to the general public, and we are committed to the principle of ‘environmental quality’ first.

Our professional care of your lawn can have many positive benefits:

  • Professional care takes the guess work out of your lawncare tasks and frees up your time.
  • A healthy green lawn is pleasing to the eye and relaxing in appearance, while reducing the sun’s glare and absorbing heat.
  • Homes with well-kept lawns realize 7-15% higher selling prices.
  • Grass areas can be as much as 30 degrees cooler than paved areas on a hot summer day.
  • Grass areas can increase visibility around buildings, offering greater security.
  • Grass helps improve our environment in many ways: absorbing CO2, producing oxygen, absorbing dust and soot, preventing erosion, filtering and returning surface water to ground water supplies.

We offer a 100 percent guarantee on our services – that is, if you are unsatisfied with the result, your account is paid and you contact us within 30 days, then we consult with you and re-programme the service at no additional cost.

Contact Us to find out more about our services or for an obligation-free quote.


  • Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Broadacre Boom Spraying

    Servicing local government, public open space, schools, and sport and recreation facilities.
  • Domestic spraying

    Domestic spraying

    Servicing domestic and small commercial lawns.
  • Coring / Aerating

    Coring / Aerating

    Rejuvenate your lawn.
  • Installation


    Lawn repairs and installation of new lawns.
  • Reticulation


    Irrigation system checks and maintenance.